Elizavecca Milky Piggy 3 Step Black Head Solution

Elizavecca 3-step Blackhead Solution Nose Strips combats deep-seated dirt and sebum while unclogging problematic pores. Step 1 preps your nose by saturating your skin with nutrients that help loosen up your pores and dissolve the dirt and oil congesting them. In Step 2, the mask hardens and, in a strangely-satisfying experience, your blackheads are literally plucked out! To top off that exfoliating experience, aloe and Grapefruit Extracts in Step 3 help to cool and soothe your poor pores back to health, while helping to minimize your now-clear pores.

  • 1 Step: Open & Clear up Pores by Cotton Mask
  • 2 Step: Absorbing Blackhead by Nose pack
  • 3 Step: Pore Tightening Care by Bio Cellulose Mask