Le Mieux Brightening Toner

  • $23.80
  • $28.00

Get bright, flawless skin that radiates with vitality and vigor.

Age spots, dullness, hyperpigmentation are all the effects of stress, sun exposure and aging - Reverse them with the Le Mieux Brightening Toner.

The Licorice root, bearberry, and papaya extracts help brighten your skin. It gently and effectively removes dead skin to give you a uniform skin complexion. Enriched with hyaluronic acid and glutathione, this potent serum is rich in moisture and antioxidants to balance your skin’s moisture levels, reduces fine lines and brighten the skin.

  • Works best when used as a post-cleansing toner
  • Balances skin tone and reduces blotchiness
  • Restores skin’s natural brightness and energy